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Live Online Mantra Chanting & Meditation 

Learn to integrate the magical power of mantras and access deeper layers of your-self with guided meditative practices

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One Year Meditation Program

Meditate Anyplace - Anytime Regularly 365 meditation lessons of the Ancients INR 490/year

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Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Consciously. Acheive More Success and Happiness with Less Efforts

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Gita Immersion

Immerse Yourself into Powerful tools and processes embedded in the Teachings of Gita and The Mahabharat

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Facilitator - Saravanan

25 Years of Experience in Global Organizations - Novartis, Edwards Life Sciences, Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare. 

Designed and delivered personalized and group coaching programs for Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Performance enhancement with emphasis on Emotional Competency and mindfulness to overcome internal resistance to change.

Certified in Psychology (M.S Psychology - India),

Certified to Lead Individual and Group Processes for Transformation by IAGP.

Certified to Teach Yoga (Govt Of India - QCI), RYT 500. 

We have programs that can be personalized to suit your specific needs - TIME AVAILABLE- BUDGET - FORMAT 





Total Leadership

Learn to lead with right discernment, Emotional, and Spiritual Intelligence. Lead with precision, Focus, Clarity, and Pleasantness to achieve holistic success

Science of Happiness

A life free of Anxiety, Depression, Obsessions, Fear, Sleeplessness and Phobia can be a reality. Register now. Frameworks for Holistic Happiness.

Successful Parenting

Instill confidence with respect, freedom with responsibility, responsible digital habits; Reduce sibling rivalry; Learn to handle aggression, anger, mood swings

Freedom From Addiction

An integrated Mind-Body- Energy for freedom from addictive habits. Learn it online with optional webinar support programs for the family and individual. 

Mantra Chanting - VBT

For Serious Spiritual Aspirants, Vignan Bhairav Tantra integrated with preparatory Yoga Asanas, Breathwork and Mantra Chanting


Each of us has tasted success - State of Bliss - Happiness in life. yet one feels incomplete. Its because while there has been a success in one core area there has been a compromise in another core area. Financial growth - but compromised relationships. Career success- compromised Health. Close with one relationship - but bitter with others. The essence of unconditional happiness is in learning the art of happiness from one's core. Learning in Garbhaham is about that.

Our Offerings

Online courses

Integrated Personal growth Program

‘The art and science of designing a new future of your choice’ for leaders, entrepreneurs, career professional

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Seven lessons to bring out the genius in your child – freedom with responsibility – allowing your child to blossom

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Power to break free from compulsive habits

An integrated approach to respect yourself for what you chose to do in the past and become free to choose a life.

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Academic success

Harness the power of focus, the ability to consciously direct all your energies toward achieving your consciously conceived goal

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The art of happiness

Powerful tools and processes to live a life free of anxiety, depression, rage,phobias and other compulsive toxic emotions.

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One-on-one sessions

Personalized coaching sessions

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Managing behavior without organizing the mind can lead to perversion - a compulsive obsession to indulge in the suppressed behavior.

Trying to organize the mind, without regulating breath can lead to insanity. Divided opposing selves within oneself each trying to win over each other.

Regulating breath without surrendering to breath leads to egotism. Egoistic behavior - rooted in wrong identification is the root of all pain. Change starts with surrender to breath.

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The courses are available in multiple formats to suit your time, budget and stage in life. You can choose to purchase the course and work through the frameworks as per your time schedule or book live sessions - either  lone-on-one or webinar formats