Cell and Tissue Repair

Fractures bones repair faster with guided hypnosis. Those who had hypnosis had 8.5 weeks of healing within six weeks as compared to the control group.- Harvard Gazette

Deep State Healing

Healing in deep states is a traditional and natural process. The original mind has the power to heal. Yet, the reactive - conditioned - 'self-asserting' mind, cannot. Hypnosis accesses deeper healing states. Hypnotherapy and Regression therapy which is a part of the process clears the root cause at the psycho-spiritual-physical level. A guided process that helps one to access and be in the alpha or theta wave pattern accelerates healing and transformation.

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Yoga Nidra - The natural Hypnotic State

Guided Yoga Nidra helps to access and be in the alpha and theta state. When integrated with Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy certain inner resistances are dissolved which helps one connect deeper and stay longer. An integrated approach with Hypnotherapy also helps one to trust and respond positively to suggestions of the therapist, who works connecting with the deeper intelligence within the client - student - patient

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Graduate - Pharmaceutical Sciences, PGCBM - XLRI

Certified - Regression and Hypnotherapist.

Certified to teach and administer Yoga

Certified - Systemic-Family Constellations ( Transgenerational Therapy)


Govt of India - QCI

European Association of Regression THerapists


Past Life Regression Academy, UK

International Association of Group Processes - IAGP

Restore Health & Life

You can consciously help your organs, cells, tissues heal and repair. 

Hypnosis - Western Medicine - Yoga Therapy

Harvard Gazette - Hypnosis has been used in western medicine for more than 150 Years to treat everything from anxiety to pain, from easing nausea of cancer chemotherapy to enhancing sports performance. Phobia, Panic attacks, low self-esteem, insomnia, High blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, smoking, colitis and more

Deep State Healing

At deeper states, one is more open to learning and change. Infants naturally access the state in sleep. Adults rarely access the state during sleep too due to a higher level of mental activity during sleep too.

Why Hypnotherapy and Yoga?

when we repaint a wall, it is important to scrub off the old colors, broken layers of paint and also make the wall even. Regression and Hypnotherapy will help to access memories and experiences that lead to cell or tissue damage. The real cause of cell and tissue damage happens due to primal conscious decisions (which are now not conscious) which are still active and which still hold the most energy to maintain the disease or damage, maybe even worsen and stop healing. These primal decisions are currently beyond conscious access and hence need to be accessed and released from the system.

Yoga helps to sustain and enhance the state of mind after the process too.

Cell & Tissue Regeneration

Deep State healing integrated with Regression - Hypnotherapy, and Yoga can help in the following conditions

Arthritis and related conditions

Fracture - Ligament - tissue repair

Psycho-Spiritual - Onco care ( Helps to regenerate and maintain healthy cells with new healthy internal commands)

Organ Transplant - Release old organ memory and integrate with the recipient. 

Restoring health and vibrancy of vital organs - The Heart, Brain, Liver, Kidney, and Stomach

Endocrine disorders

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